Volume 1 Issue 1

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Volume 1 Issue 1 – All Articles

Individual articles found in Volume 1 Issue 1 are listed below.

Article 1 – Discovering the Kingdom in Education – From Road Map to Travel Guide, Janine Mason

Article 2 – Kingdom-Purposed Living: Living His Dream, Samuel J. Botta, Ed.D.

Article 3 – Kingdom Education – Transportation and Destination, William F. Cox, Jr., Ph.D.

Article 4 – Thoughts From An Old Jr. High Teacher, Chris Du PrĂ©

Article 5 – Kingdom Schools: Following the Leading of the Holy Spirit in Education, Sandy Woods

Article 6 – Kingdom Education’s Foundation, H. Don Mayer, M.Ed.

Article 7 – Teachers and Prophets in Kingdom Schools, Robert A. Peck, M.Ed.

Article 8 – The Providence of God and Kingdom Education, Michael R. Myers, Ed.D.